Who are you?

I represent an HR department

If you are looking for talents in doing research. This is the right place for you. Starting from 2017, our platform has supported many institutions to recruit talent researchers over the world. Each year, we publish about 20.000 research jobs from universities and companies all over the world. We have about 120.000 subscribers and millions of visitors on our platform. By applying the advances of natural language processing and artificial intelligence, your job ads will be recommended to the right candidates quickly. Further, our members of social networks can help you to recruit the best talents.

If you have a job board website at your organization, we will help you to publish them automatically. Otherwise, you can post job ads manually on our platform. Our recommender system will analyze your ads and suggest them to the right candidates. Please leave your enquiries and contact, our team will help you reach the target.

I represent a school

If your school is looking for solutions to promote the study programs , online courses, scholarships , and the latest news to international students, and researchers, we help you to reach the target.

Active Search: Our primary objective is to make sure that when students search for a study program, they find your programs and scholarships on the Academic Gates platform immediately.

Recommend Study Programs: Our platform collects the important information about potential students from the first questions, and the recommender system will match the study programs with potential students from the very first touch.

Please leave your enquiries and contact, our team will help you reach the target.

I represent an event organizer:

You want to broadcast your events like summer schools, conferences, workshops and want to attract people having the same research interest on our platform. You can post your events for free here .

If you want to use our advanced services to promote your events. Please leave your enquiries and contact, our team will help you reach the target.

I represent a study abroad agency/digital marketing agency:

We are very open and welcome to all partners to join our platform. We will do our best to become the most reliable and trustworthy partner of your companies.

Please leave your enquiries and contact, our team will reply you quickly.

I am a blogger/content writer:

Please read our guideline at this link .

Time Line


  • New web interface has been released
  • New functions for branding schools and advertising study programs were integrated.

May - 2021

  • Academic Gates received start-up funding support from Google Cloud Platform.
  • Two new modules: Study Programs and Recommendation Systems have been integrated.

June - 2020

  • Academic Gates received start-up funding from VINNOVA, Sweden to develop new modules for the platform.
  • New functions to process News and Scholarships of school were integrated.


  • Brighter Gates company was registered as an official entity to negotiate and sign contracts with other partners.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing algorithms were applied
  • We got the first payment from the customer.


  • The first prototype engine, called Academic Job Engine, was released and received positive comments from the community and university


  • An idea of the Academic Gates platform was proposed